#1 Rich history and cultural background
# 2 Full language and participant support 
World famous musical heritage
Donuts filled with rose jam 
#5 Very safe country

“Poland has made me grown in a way that I’d have never thought before. When you have friends – when you are understood – there is no limit to what you can do” Nicola from Italy

“My year in Poland has been going great.I have gotten to explore and discover Poland so much. I’ve also made great friends. I definitely made the right choice choosing Poland. Kocham Polskę” Kira  from the USA

  • Every 10th citizen of the European Union is a Pole.
  • The UNESCO World Heritage list includes 10 entries situated in Poland?
  • Polish constitution was first in Europe and second in the world?
  • Every year, on Thursday before Ash Wednesday, the Polish celebrate Fat Thursday. On this day you can eat as many donuts as you want. People ask each other how many donuts they ate.
  • Whether it’s your birthday, your wedding or your anniversary, you can bet Poles will wish you “Sto Lat!” (“100 years!”)
 10 Best Places to Visit in Poland
 Fall in love with Poland

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