IMPORTANT NOTICE: Croatia is not accepting applications at the moment.

#1 Mouth watering seafood
#2 Water polo and sailing
#3 Crystal clear blue sea
#4 Cicadas at sunset
#5 Pine trees

“My year abroad in Croatia really built up my personality. I learned a lot about me and my strengths. I got more open for things I wouldn’t think of a year ago and changed totally into a healthy lifestyle, that’s because I got to know the beautiful croatian nature and culture. If I could give points for my year in Croatia, I would give a 10/10.” Brian from Germany

“I’ve learned how to love this country, I met amazing people whom I spend my time with and now call family. When I talk to my friends from my home country I see how my mind is different and mature. I love this experience!” Bea from Brazil

  • There are over a thousand islands among Croatia’s coast so an island get-away is more than possible.
  • Almost 10% of the country is protected natural lands. So there is nothing in the way of exploring untouched natural beauty.
  • Croatia is the country which gave birth to the tie. It originated as part of the military uniform.
10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia
Croatia: Adriatic Delights

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