In the Central-Eastern European region you can find 7 countries offering AFS exchange programs. The 7 countries occupy a land in the middle of Europe which is almost exactly the size of Texas in the USA. This wonderland provides everything what you may dream for for your exchange year: uncountable natural beauties, great variety in architecture and tons of exciting cultural events throughout the year for youngsters. Wherever you are hosted in this region, within 3 hours of travel you can reach one of the most beautiful cities in Europe like Prague, Budapest or Krakow.

In all these 7 countries you can experience all of the 4 seasons with their full generosity of colors and typical European agricultural products. And when you taste what food CEE countries make out of them, you will never wanna eat or drink anything else. And there’s even more: you can choose from a wide variety of summer and winter sports during the year from sailing through hiking, cycling, skiing or ice-skating.

And what about the people?
They are amazing, friendly, hospitable and warm-hearted. 

Discover the wonderland yourself.

Go higher and look deeper

You will experience things an average tourist never even heard of. Come and become one of us. Taste the flavor, meet the people and go higher and look deeper. Touch the land. You can easily develop a wider understanding of unique and  different cultures in Central Eastern Europe.

The door to your CEE countries - Get to know them