#1 Colossal mountains, plains, deserts in 5 national parks
#2 Masterpieces of medieval art and architecture
#3 Highly diverse, solid and spicy food
#4 Kindness, openness and warmth
#5 Unique Balkan music

“I am so glad that Serbia is the country I have come to! I love the warmness and openness of the people, the customs and traditions, the food, the Serbian lifestyle, the social life, nature, and all the old buildings. I love how passionate people of Serbia seem to be about their country and traditions. The people here are brilliant.”  Lauren from New Zealand

“My year in Serbia is the best year in my life. The first orientation, first day at school, first sports practice, so many emotions in one week only. I don’t know why I chose Serbia, but I know for sure that I couldn’t have made a better choice. This year I met so many wonderful people, attended one of the best and oldest high schools in the country, met the coach of the national handball team, travelled and celebrated two Christmases… What more could you want for?” Julia from Italy

  • 18 Roman emperors were born on the land which is Serbia today, which is close to 20% of all the Roman emperors. The most famous of them was Constantine the Great, Roman emperor who declared Christianity as the empire’s official religion. Not only that, but Serbia is a home of one of 4 Roman capitals – ancient city of Sirmium, today’s Sremska Mitrovica.
  • “Devil’s Town” is a place in the south of Serbia known as one of the 8 Serbian Wonders of Nature. It is known worldwide for its 202 peculiar rock towers created by soil erosion.
  • Did you know that you already know at least one Serbian word? The word “vampire” comes from Serbian and is used all over the world.
  • Serbia is the largest exporter of raspberry in the world – almost 95% of raspberries sold in the world originate from Serbia.
Serbia – One journey, million impressions

Serbia: The Place To Be

 Interkultura Serbia

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