#1 Cultural events (festivals, concerts, exhibitions)
#2 Architecture, historic buildings
#3 Skiing and hiking
#4 Tatra mountains
#5 Natural beauty

“Slovakia, although small, has a wonderful culture and interesting traditions. I stayed here for six months but then I decided to extend the stay for one year, the best decision I have ever made.” Lucía from Argentina

“My experience was very rich. I met many great people. I traveled a lot, and so I learned a lot. I learned a new language and learned a new culture.  AFS stay has brought me a lot of new experience and has made the fear of learning new people go away. My host family has become my real family. My biggest experiences were AFS trips and excursions with my school and family. I visited Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and various parts of Slovakia. Along with others, I first went skiing and the first time I was skating on the lake. This year I will never forget.” Chloe from France

  • There are more than 6000 caves, 1300 mineral springs, 9 beautiful national parks in Slovakia.
  • Almost 40 % of Slovakia’s territory is covered by forest.
  • Here you can find the highest wooden altar in the world, 18,6 m high and 6 m wide, constructed without the use of a single nail. It is located in Church of St. James, in the historical center of Levoča, included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • World’s highest number of castles and chateaux per capita while one of them is the largest castle in the Central Europe and was included in the UNESCO List of World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.
  • The picturesque village of Čičmany in Northern Slovakia has a status of world’s first reservation of folk architecture.
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