#1 Amazing karst caves and rivers
#2 Countless natural beauties
#3 Home of Lipizzaner horses
#4 Skiing, sailing, rafting
#5 Green lands

“Slovenia was not my first choice, but after having spent my exchange there, meeting some of the most amazing people, seeing the beautiful nature, I would choose it over and over again!” Charlotte from Belgium

“In Slovenia, I not only discovered breathtaking nature, warm people and amazing food, I found a second home and a place that will forever be in my heart. My exchange gave me so much more than just the possibility to explore the country, it gave me an opportunity to grow as a person and learn about myself.”  Alex  from Argentina

  • The Slovenian “Karst” region gave name to the type of landscape around the world. The limestone present there has been the centerpiece of the appeal of the region with over 10000caves and other fascinating structures, both on the surface and beneath.
  • Within one day, you can climb on the Alps, swim in the Adriatic Sea, get lost in the deep forest and cycle around the flatland. All in Slovenia.
  • The Slovenian national anthem is actually a drinking song and not a war-march like many others.

Invitation to Slovenia: Feel Slovenia

 Slovenian Impressions. Feel pure LOVE.

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