AFS Hungary and Latvia had European Volunteers Service (EVS) partnership project where our volunteer Boglárka Kovács spent one year in Latvia to promote volunteering and intercultural learning.

The project “Intercultural Exchange” ended in September 2018. It was funded by the Erasmus+ program from European Commission.

Bogi took part in and organized several events in schools, youth centers and venues of AFS Latvia. She regularly organized culture exchange events in the local cafeteria. It was a monthly event where AFS students, volunteers and host families were invited to attend. There were interesting stories about countries and cultures from Italy, Hong Kong, Honduras, Hungary, Thailand, France, Brazil and Mexico. It was great opportunity for Bogi to find out how to organize events and for attendants to get to know many interesting things about people from around the world.

Intercultural friendship is best gained during informal events. Therefore, Bogi organized some hiking, picnics, Free Hug and even visit to an animals shelter. These activities were great team-building activities for volunteers and exchange students.

During the school time Bogi took part in 25 school presentations all over Latvia and reached around 1000 students telling about her volunteering work, Hungary and her intercultural experience being abroad and hosting.

Bogi was also part of hosting team – together with volunteers from different countries she was organizing orientations for exchange students all through the year.

EVS projects are both good support for the organization and aligns with AFS mission – more peaceful world supported by mobility and firsthand experience to learn more about other cultures.

AFS Hungary also is hosting EVS projects every year. There are two volunteers from Poland and Germany at the moment helping us making the world a better place.
If you are interested to be EVSer in other country, please contact us.

Bogi’s page on AFS Latvia site