The volunteers and staff of AFS Hungary are inviting you from all over the globe for a unique exchange experience to our country. No matter what your original destination was, this is a perfect place for you to explore yourself, learn and develop in a safe and supportive environment while having the true taste of adventure and AFS Spirit.

Who Is Waiting For You?


An organization with 30 years of experience in organizing high-school exchange programs


More than 600 volunteers in 21 chapters across the country, all excited about your arrival


Staff members with 10+ years of experience in participant support


A trainer team with 25+ volunteers organizing your arrival, post-arrival, mid-stay and end-of stay orientations.


Host families and schools curious about your culture and eager to share with you what true Hungarian lifestyle means.


A group of 60+ AFS exchange students from all over the world.

What Is Waiting For You?


A unique language to learn – speaking Hungarian could be your new superpower.


Four seasons – Experience the changes in nature from snow falls through beautiful autumn leaves to beach weather.


A charming country with full of sights and places to visit – from the gorgeous capital city to Lake Balaton and to the famous Hungarian puszta.


Hungarian cuisine with amazing flavours and centuries of history behind it.


Cities where you have a lot to discover or small towns where everybody will know your name.


A unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone with the potential to grow in a supportive environment.

Did You Know?



Hungary is among the safest countries in the world, according to Global Peace Index.


This small country has given 13 Nobel prize winners to the world.


The stunning Hungarian capital has provided a backdrop for many big budget flicks, including Blade Runner 2049, Red Sparrow, Inferno, Spy, Evita, Atomic Blonde, etc.

Do You Wanna Know More?



Check out the vlog of Wiktoria, our international volunteer about why you should choose Hungary as your exchange destination.


Take a look on our video about exchange life experience in Hungary – 365 pictures, 365 memories.

Covid-19 Related Information

According to Forbes Hungary is the 18th safest country in the world for COVID-19.

  • May I meet up with my friends at a cafe for a refresher? YES
  • May I go to the beach to cool off on a hot day? YES
  • May I go shopping with my hostmom? YES
  • May I visit other European cities? YES, but possibly still with some restrictions.
  • May I use public transportation to get around? YES
  • If I am from outside of Europe may I travel to Hungary? Currently NO, but with the safe opening of the borders you may soon.
  • If my child gets sick is there medical care available? YES, medical care is back to normal.
  • What are the possible restrictions I may face? In some shops/pharmacies you may need to wear a face mask while inside. Washing your hands regularly is recommended.