Don’t be afraid to speak up, let people know what your opinion is, be outgoing. Try your best to make friends. Don’t always compare things to your country back home and say your country is better. Get involved in as many activities as possible. Not many kids our age who have the opportunity to go to school in another country and share their culture, so take advantage of it. (Kyle, South Africa)

Take care of your money! You’re going to stay here for a year; don’t spend it all at once. (Tonje, Norway)

Good luck, be strong and positive, enjoy every second deeply. You are an exchange student only once in your life. Enjoy it, use your time wisely. It will be tough, it’s not a bed of roses, but in the end you will see that the effort is worth it. (Maria, Venezuela)

There will be times when not everything is fun. Think of it this way: You’ll learn something from everything. And now, when I look back, I smile when I think of the tough times, because I know that “tough” is not necessarily bad. A little deep, but very important. (Jonathon, Australia)

Be positive. Sometimes you might face difficult problems or differences, but if you stay positive and kindly talk to your friend or host family and explain how you feel, they will understand you. (Metpiya, Thailand)

Try to be patient and understanding and always ask when there is something that is not clear to you. Don’t isolate yourself! One last thing… be positive and don’t waste your time, this year will fly by so fast! Good luck! (Lorena, Italy)

No one expects you to know Hungarian before coming on the program: learning a language takes time. (BUT IT IS POSSIBLE! – check this out!) What’s most important is that you try to get accustomed to the language and some of the grammar, and maybe learn a few words, how to introduce yourself, etc. If you come to Hungary with an open mind while you are here, your AFS year could very well be the best year of your life!

We look forward to getting to know you and be part of your AFS experience! Remember: You are never alone. We are always here for you.

See you soon in Hungary. / Találkozunk hamarosan!