As an AFS exchange student you have to adhere to the rules that AFS applies all over the world. These rules were made to guarantee for your parents that you will be safe and sound while you are here. If you don’t want to be sent home earlier than the end of the program, please follow these rules.

1. No driving! It is forbidden to drive cars or other vehicle requiring a license by law.
2. No hitchhiking!
3. No drugs!

Disobeying these three rules results in being sent home.

4. You must follow the AFS travel rules! You always have to inform your host family about your travel plans, whereabouts and ask for their permission for any travel. Keep the curfews agreed on with your host family, and the way/means of transportation you get home should be approved by your host family before you go out.

5. You are responsible for your actions and sexual life. In case of getting pregnant or causing pregnancy your AFS program will be terminated and you have to return home.

6. It is compulsory to attend school. The AFS student must obey the rules of the hosting school.

7. Alcohol can be consumed only in accordance with the rules of the host family.

8. Students always must inform the host family about where they are.

9. In case of any problems contact your local AFS counsellor or the national office.

10. It is compulsory to participate in all AFS orientations.

The AFS National Office in Hungary must always be informed about the address where the exchange student can be reached. Visits from natural parents, relatives and friends are not advised, especially not in the first period of the program.

Travel rules:

Domestic travel rules

1. After the successful completion of the Hungarian language exam organized by the chapter, the student can travel alone. (Host family permit is still necessary.) The date of the exam is set by the chapter president, but it cannot be earlier than the end of your 3rd months stay after arrival.

2. To travel with host family longer than 5 days the natural parents’ permission is required and the travel form has to be filled.

3. Travel with an AFS partner school is allowed if the school takes all responsibility in a written form. Travel form and natural parents’ permission are also required.

4. To stay in a hotel or youth hostel, a travel form and natural parents’ permission are required. This accommodation is authorized only if a volunteer or host family member older than 20 years accompanies the student.

International travel rules

6. To travel with a music band or a sport team the student has to be a member.

7. One host family can take up to 3 exchange students to travel abroad.

8. AFS does not allow group travels where there are only exchange students and no adult chaperone.

9. Travelling abroad with host family is allowed, if the natural parents allow it and a travel form is filled. (Permission to travel abroad alone is evaluated case by case.)

10. Foreign travels with an AFS partner school is allowed if the school takes all responsibility in a written form. Travel form and natural parents’ permission are also required.

11. The student can travel abroad with natural parents while on school break. To travel with other natural family members, the natural parents’ permission is required. Up to two exchange students can travel with the natural family if it is allowed by their natural parents. Travel form is required.

12. Chapter travels abroad are allowed with certain safety measures. A chaperone of over 20 years of age and with min. 2 years of active volunteer status can take up to 5 students. A filled travel form is required. By chapter travel we do not mean round trip or group trip, but the visiting of one foreign city.

13. The travel form has to be sent to the office at least a week before the date of the expected/planned travel!