• Do you know that global competence will be measured for the first time in 2018 in the worldwide PISA assessment of education?
  • Do you have an idea what is meant under global competence? How can it be acquired and developed?
  • How is global competence valued on the labor market?
  • What do formal and non-formal educational institutions do to enhance global competence and what are the challenges attached to it?

Interested in the answer of these questions?
Able to contribute as a presenter?
Willing to support the issue in other ways?

Then please look at our proposal.

This year the headquarter of AFS (American Field Service), AFS Intercultural Programs Inc. holds its prominent international conference on education with focus on global competence in Budapest.

Name of the conference:
2018 AFS Global Conference – Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility
Dates: 26-28 September, 2018
Venue: Budapest Congress Center

  • Education system in the 21st century and global competence
  • Integration of global competence in education and in professional development
  • Needs on the labor market for global competence
  • Role of non-formal education in development of global competence

In total around 400…

  • Educators, teachers from primary and secondary schools, as well as from tertiary education
  • Business leaders and managers as employers
  • Policymakers and government representatives
  • Embassies
  • International institutions (UN, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, OECD)
  • International education and non-formal learning providers

The concept note of the Conference

1. Slot for presentations related to the listed topics

The exact program of the conference is under way. We still look forward to proposals from specialists, educators or business leaders for sessions, who would be generous enough to share their knowledge and experience with the conference attendees. The time slot for presentation varies widely from 45-minute-long sessions till TED Talk-like shorter idea-dates.

Andreas Schleicher, director at OECD Directorate for Education and Skills has already ensured us to present on the Conference.

You can read the detailed call for proposals and submit yours.

2. Sponsor status

In order to make the Conference more vibrant and colorful, and also to achieve that more people from the education sector have the opportunity to attend the Conference, we provide corporations and/or institutions with the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Enable high school teachers to attend the Conference by making payment of the registration fee on behalf of them
  • Sponsor one of the coffee breaks or other networking events of the Conference
  • Enhance corporate presence on the Conference through a booth

Registration fee for the Conference: EUR 550/ participant
Sponsorship of a coffee break or other event: subject to agreement
Booth on the EXPO: EUR 800 (for the period of 26-28 September)

Sponsors can also provide support either in USD or in HUF, according to sponsorship agreement. Corporate tax incentives are available for sponsors.

We provide our sponsors with enhanced visibility via the followings:

  • Logo placement on all printed materials
  • Logo placement on the event website and on online materials
  • Name of the sponsor in press releases in Hungary in case of sponsoring the attendance of teachers
  • Roll-up or other visuals items during the sponsored event

In case of sponsoring teachers the sponsor can decide from which school in Hungary it wishes to support the attendance of the teacher. Otherwise, AFS Hungary sends out a call to its more than 100 partner schools countrywide and takes care of selection of the conference attendees. The teachers undertake to attend the Conference and prepare a report to the sponsor, which is entitled to use it in its communication.

British Petrol has already secured us to sponsor the Conference.

3. Attendance on the Conference

In our globalizing world global awareness and competence are earning higher significance. AFS itself has acquired tremendous knowledge on this field through its activities in more than 80 countries over the 100 last years.

The event provides numerous networking opportunities besides its valuable sessions.
Registration starts in early March. We will keep you informed.

For further information please visit the website of the event.